Interim Show/Exhibition space


Creative Direction – Ollie
Project Management – Georgie
Graphic Desgn – Stefan, Radvile, Becky, Ali
Social Media Management – Asher
Social Media Production – Rachael, Shane, Jack, Nick, Brad
Shorweel Post Production – Genevieve, Ethan, Alex
Web Content Design – Richard, Frasier
Feedback – Akvile

Meeting Notes:

  • One big creative crunch blog post with each persons show reel (1080×1080 square) and bio (100 words), social media links/portfolio links
  • Clarify exactly what goes in bio
  • December 14th – goes live, final post on 18th
  • Footage to editing team by the 3rd
  • December 7th – be ready, 10th final date to have everything ready for upload. Upload stuff to socials over this week.
  • January 7th – Hand In.
  • Showreel – photography, snapshots of industry brief filming,
  • BTS


From Kraftwerk to The Chemical Brothers -The Virtual Tour

The Design Museum virtual tours are a great example of a successful online exhibition space where a team of people are promoting their work. The Design Museum has created an information page where they have included sections on what to expect, how to buy view the exhibition, who will be featured & their work, along with a 3 minute promotional video. The video shows brief snippets of the museums exhibition spaces along with information on what to expect from the artists and what to look out for along the way. The museum then have another page further promoting the exhibition with more information on how to view it online. This page features pictures from the live exhibition space along with another short video with more snippets from the live show. It has also been used as a space to promote the artists work with links to online merchandise shops and Soundcloud links to some of the exhibition soundtracks.

Whilst I cannot view the online exhibition itself, the promotion and information available from these pages provide as exciting look into what can be expected. From the page layouts to the exhibition snippets, the website makes me want to view the full exhibition. I love the idea of having a section on what to expect, along with information on the artists and their work. Further promotion of their work is also a great idea as online visitors don’t have to search elsewhere to find it. It also adds to the overall feel of the exhibition space and allows viewers an insight into the show. I think the promotional videos used are both very effective in different ways. The longer video provides information on the artists whilst the shorter one gives viewers a short experience of the exhibition, leaving them wanting more.

This has made clear to me how important exhibition promotion is, and how effective if can be when done right! It is vital that as a team find fun ways to promote our exhibition space in a way that captures the attention of the audience making them excited to see what comes next.

Future Vision

The class of 2020’s degree show was also an online exhibition. The website background is made up from artwork created by the students with a neon pink colour theme. Scrolling down, there is an introductory videos giving an insight into the students works with a picture and name card before hand. Below is a concise description of what their exhibition is all about and what it was designed for.

The way the students work is displayed is very aesthetic and the website is really easy to use. I love the idea of having each image of each student greyed out, then be revealed in colour as you hover over it. It adds a nice touch to the interactivity of the site and the neon glow that appear behind as you hover also matches the website theme. Clicking on a student reveals their showreel and further down the page we find out more about the individual and see more of their work. The page itself is presented very well. It is clean & tidy, everything has its own place. The static bar on the left with an image and person description is a constant reminder of who’s work you are looking at as you scroll through. The page also features their individual logos which is a brilliant idea to begin tying each student to their own brand in a professional setting. There are also neon social media icons which take you directly to the student’s online portfolio or social media pages in a new tab.

I love the overall feel and theme of this online exhibition and I feel it displays the student’s work perfectly. the site is eye catching, unique, easy to use and very informative. It is everything it needs to be!

Interim Show Planning & Development

My role as project manager is to ensure a smooth planning and production process as well as a successful interim show exhibition. I had regular meetings with the creative director and web content designer to consider our options for an online exhibition space. Our space would take form as one post on Creative Crunch, featuring a list of class names, each persons showreel and a small description of them and their work. As soon as decision were made about what to create this information was relayed to the rest of the team to begin production. Each person was responsible for their own showreel, with an end card created by the graphic team to tie each video together and create our identity. To ensure all work was easily accessible to anyone who needed it, I created a One Drive folder names ‘Interim Show’ with subfolders for each aspect of the show. This is where the team could place their showreels, bio, behind the scenes, graphics and anything else we felt necessary.

As part of the show we also agreed with the post production team that it would be effective to create a short video showing the team working behind the scenes on projects and briefs. I encouraged this idea as I feel it is important for viewers to see the hard work that we put into our Creative Media briefs. For this to work we required each person to upload to One Drive a short video of them working behind the scenes, ideally doing something different to the last person. As this created some confusion within the group, myself and the other managers uploaded some example footage of us filming and editing projects. These videos would be put together by the post production team into a short sequence to be uploaded to Creative Crunch as part of the interim show.

Timing and organisation skills were vital during this whole process, and I worked closely with the team to ensure submissions of work were on time. We allowed time in-between deadlines for small changes to be made just incase anything went wrong, or anyone was confused on what to create. We tried to work in a linear fashion, with video filming and showreel production first. The gantt chart proves incredibly helpful to the whole team as it provided a point of reference for where they should be with their work.

Gantt Chart by Ollie, Creative Director

Another important consideration included the logistics of the exhibition. There was much discussion over how best to display the content so it was easily transferrable to other platforms. We had to make video formats and sizing very clear to the team to ensure continuity across each video. The main decision was choosing a square video format (1080×1080) over the traditional 1920×1080 rectangle. This was that showreels could be shared on social media, particularly Instagram in mind, without risking parts of the video being cut off. Whilst you can upload rectangle format videos to Instagram, the preview box is always square.

Promotion of Exhibition Space

The social media team carried out research into the most popular social media platforms and how best to promote creative work on each. With this information we decided upon Instagram, Facebook and Youtube to promote our work online. The most major part of our promotion included a series of countdown images a week before the exhibition went live. This was posted across Instagram and Facebook and was intended to capture the interest of potential viewers and encourage them to consider what might be to come. The images featured the Creative Crunch colour scheme, with pixelated squares containing a screenshot from each showreel. Each day a few squares were revealed until the final post saying “we are live” revealed all the images.

Creative Crunch Instagram

Once the exhibition was live on creative Crunch the social media team released two showreel videos per day on social media at the peak usage times. We encouraged each team member to share each video onto their own homepage and stories to gain as much exposure as possible. I also shared my own work with friends and family, encouraging them to visit our social media posts and the exhibition space on Creative Crunch.
The short bio’s below our showreels also allowed for self promotion. We briefly discussed our individual strengths and passions within creative media.

Interim Show Release:


I was very pleased with the outcome of my showreel. I incorporated a variety of work showcasing a broad skillset through my favourite pieces of work. Some feedback I received commented on the fast pace of the video stating that they had to watch it a few times in order to gain the full experience. This is exactly what I had intended. I wanted the viewer to want to go back and re-watch it as many times as they felt necessary. Hopefully, this helped to keep my work in their memory. The music I chose was extremely catchy and up beat and I had someone even ask me fore the song after watching my showreel. I felt it expressed myself and my work really well and also provided a fast beat to accompany the fast editing style.

This is where I feel us as a team could have made many changes and improvements. Whilst the idea of the countdown posts was good to create a build up to the exhibition release, I don’t think they portrayed exactly what was going to be released and what the viewers were waiting for. I did however love the overall look of the posts and the link to the Creative Crunch colour schemes. One thing I noticed with the showreel Facebook posts was the external links to Youtube. When scrolling on social media, I find myself far more likely to watch a video when it is embedded into the platform rather than having to go to an external site. This may have been the case for many other users and having to click on an external link may have deterred them from viewing the videos.

Creative Crunch provided a great space for all of our work and allowed for continuity throughout each exhibition. The short bio’s from each person also brought a sense of character to the page. Whilst there were social media and portfolio links, it may have been beneficial to include some more visuals of our other projects or work. Similarly to the Design Museum exhibition above, it may have also be useful to include a separate page about exactly what the exhibition was for, what was to be expected, who was involved and how to get involved. This would have provided more clarity for viewers as many were unsure of what to expect. This page could have also included an introductory video where the viewer gets to see each team member and a brief outline of their work, skills and passions within creative media.

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